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“Ok ma’am, do you know where you are flying to today?”

[Originally written on January 25th 2008.]

This morning I got to the airport having forgotten my flight number, my booking number, and my frequent flier number.  Lucky for me I did in fact remember that I was flying to San Francisco.  I wonder what the guy would have done if I didn’t – “ok, can you think of any landmarks you plan to visit there, maybe we can brainstorm where to send you.” 

So logistics aside I am sitting in the airport waiting for my now delayed flight to SF, and listening to the fire alarm; maybe I should have gone to Kansas instead.  I should mention here that I have a one way ticket and no real plan beyond that.  I figured I spent a year in exile, and now I can try living in the kinky Mecca.  If you are really outraged that I haven’t renamed this blog yet you can either suggest a name or wait a year.  You see, while I was looking for jobs in San Francisco two other opportunities came across my desk.  One was in Uganda and the other in Bolivia.  I thought about it, I really honestly thought about picking up and going to Bolivia.  A year ago I did just that only in a different country.  I like doing that kind of hands-on field work as frustrating as it gets.  I also really love living my life with a different set of rules.  Deep down I love the lack of running water, the faulty wiring, the cattle in my front yard, and working in a language I’m struggling to learn; I love living with the exotic and I love being the exotic.  You go outside your comfort zone sometimes and it changes you.  You notice that you don’t get as caught up in the details once you’ve gotten a glimpse of just how big the picture really is. 

But right now I’m too tired.  As much as I love working abroad, as much satisfaction as I get from watching my nursery kids learn an English song or knowing that the health center I’m volunteering in provides vital services to a population that is far beyond the reach of the kind of hospitals and medical clinics you and I are used to, it’s exhausting, and I am not a healthy person just now.  Not only is it hard in terms of being in exile from my kink community, the importance of which only recently became apparent, but also in purely physical terms.  I gained 10lbs in my first two weeks in the United States.  The first thing I noticed is that my nails stopped breaking and then that my ribs were no longer visible — nutrition rocks. 

So yes, I am certain that I will do another mission.  I am certain that I will work abroad and enjoy the wonders of bathing in rainwater and sleeping under a mosquito net at some point in my future, now is not the time for that.  So instead I am moving to San Francisco with no job and no real plan.  Wish me luck.      

Oh, and rest assured that I am working on a nice juicy post about that last play party as we speak.

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January 28, 2008 at 6:29 am

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  1. Oh, and rest assured that I am working on a nice juicy post about that last play party as we speak.

    there was a play party? damn – i miss out on _all_ the fun…


    January 28, 2008 at 9:24 pm

  2. i’m also amused that this is a kink blog and the button to make a comment is labeled “submit”. what if i don’t _want_ to submit just to make my opinion known ?-)


    January 28, 2008 at 9:26 pm

  3. Welcome back! If you’re looking for cool kinky things to do in SF in the near future, you should come to Bang4theBuck and IMsL. And come say hi if you do! 🙂



    March 13, 2008 at 5:45 am

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