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Getting on my feminist soap box in two parts

Pornography for women?

Last night I watched some pornography with a few friends of mine. It was a video that I chose for its cover art, and it was produced by a company called Blue Production. Pornography by women, for women.

It was pretty, no question about that, but was it hot? No. It was well made, artistic, and creative, but it did not make me want to make a hasty excuse, and run home to spend some quality time with a vibrator. This is my problem with pornography for women: the idea that women don’t want to see explicit sex. That we want to see pretty makeup, and get off to long romantic scenes of sensual spankings. It assumes women don’t want sex; that we want the stuff surrounding sex and sometimes it’s just plain wrong. So from now on it’s stark lighting and low production values with a side of hot sex for me.


When you talk about sluts you talk about me…

I just have to say this. In the interest of putting a face to abstract concepts we feel so smug tossing around I really want to put this out there. When you talk about sluts, and whores you are talking about me. And I love that your definition of “slut” is uneducated and illiterate and you don’t think of me in that category. You don’t think of me in that category in the same way you don’t think that the guy in your office is like the other black people, or that your brother is as outrageous as the other queers.

You are talking about every woman who, like me, refuses to dislike sex in an effort to make you comfortable with her sexuality. This is not about my self-esteem or my educational background. Unless, of course, you think my self-esteem would suffer for sleeping with you.

This is about acknowledging that despite Victorian logic and 2nd wave feminist bullshit women enjoy sex. Furthermore, women have the capacity to make sexual choices that may surprise you. So please retire your moral high ground, which demonizes any woman who wants to sleep with you without first sending you to the ends of the earth on a whim.


Written by kinkinexile

March 16, 2008 at 11:07 pm

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