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If you live in an urban area with a serious coffee culture you may have encountered something called “Clover Coffee.” Do not, under any circumstances, drink it within 20 hours of trying to sleep!

I am normally utterly unaffected by coffee, however, having just one cup of this clover coffee, which I had read so much about, kept me up hours past my bed time, and boy oh boy was I hyper through it all. This is related to this blog. No, really, it is.

You see, a while ago I had thought of putting ads on my blog — a coffee fund if you will. does not allow you to do this, but I didn’t know this at 11pm last night when I asked Maymay for tech help. He pointed me to, and with a lot of chaos and a lot of hand-holding (thank you doll) a domain was purchased, an account on May’s server created, a theme chosen, and google ads implemented.

This is a hasty transition to be sure, but then I’m known for those. I ask that you please bear with me while I try to sort out why will only export old entries and attempt to move my newer posts over. Technical help will be appreciated (though past tech support has resulted in thorough beatings).

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July 25, 2008 at 7:16 pm

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