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Toy review: Clover nipple clamps:

My boyfriend ran away screaming. Then I tried them on myself and discovered that nipple piercing and hard core nipple clamps simply don’t mix. So I did what any red-blooded American girl would do…I tried to pick up a boy at a bar. I had marginal levels of success there, but I wasn’t going to meet deadline so I went with my roommate’s best friend.

I wanted to mount a webcam for this cause it was just so classically college co-ed exploration, but that’s beyond the point. The girl took one for the team, stripped and let me put these scary things on her. As can be expected she described them as intense and made some high pitched squealing noises when I (gently) pulled on the chain. She did say they slipped a bit which was painful to her and surprising to me. You have to understand that beyond being the tightest type of nipple clamp I’ve tried they also have little rubber teeth that should prevent slipping.  We decided this is fun, but a bit too intense.

Clover nipple clamps are really the kind of thing that you need to be in headspace for and you need to be into pain to actually enjoy. Luckily, after much searching, and just before deadline, I found a boy, who will not be named in this review, but who responded favorably to the question “may I hurt you?” This never happens! Score one for the appeal of being a sex toy reviewer.

By this point I had gotten used to having people shy away from this little torture device so imagine my surprise when I actually had to do some work to scare the poor boy.

If you’re not familiar with the clover nipple clamps (as distinct from the clover coffee maker, and the lucky four leaf clover) it’s a type of nipple clamps connected by a chain. Pulling on the chain causes the clamps to tighten on the nipples, which is a feature exclusive to the clover clamps. This is great because not only do you have the usual benefit of something tight drawing the wear’s focus to his or her nipples, but you can also get the wear’s attention, or emphasize an important point by pulling on the chain that links the clamps.

I love this. The direct control over the pain level, the teasing/threatening joy of running my finger over the chain and letting the anticipation build. And then wrapping a finger through the chain and giving it a good pull while watching my victim grit his teeth…so much fun.

I love this toy, but it is probably not a good entry level nipple clamp. My first tester said she was aware of her nipples for a good long while after we took the clamps off, and I think my second tester would agree. I’m not sure if Clover describes the style, brand, or both but the only complaint I had about these is that the mechanism that allows the clamps to get tighter when you pull on the chain seems to catch on the attachment point for the chain. This didn’t cause any problems, but I was concerned about it when I first looked at these, and it could be fixed if the manufacture moved the attachment point about 1/8 of an inch (probably even less) lower. Otherwise these were great with rubbery, textured pads on the inside of the clamp, solid construction, and a good weight to the chain.

Short story: If you like rough nipple play get the clover nipple clamps! (And then buy me a drink.)

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Written by kinkinexile

December 21, 2008 at 12:22 am

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  1. Ooooo … building anticipation. A finger, perhaps a beautifully manicured finger, running over the chain … teasingly…

    A friend reviewed these on a chat board I occassionally frequent. I’ve been facinated ever since. Great review … makes me wanna try ’em.


    December 24, 2008 at 12:14 pm

  2. Clover refers to the style; they are also often called “japanese”. My recent experimentation suggests that evilness depends entirely on the spring, although they all get tighter when you pull. I have a pair that is relatively mild and a pair that leaves deep dents into my nipples for quite a while after. The worst, as with any other clamp, is when they’re sliding off and pinching less flesh; I think that’s way worse than the ow when they come off after a long time, but it’s a different kind of ow.


    January 10, 2009 at 4:17 pm

  3. The clamps are usually sourced from a Japanese sewings accessories company, as they are used in quilting and other sewing application where it is nice to be able to speedily clip and un-clip things….


    May 29, 2011 at 2:42 am

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