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Blazin Bitch candle

I love candles, and I love wacky science, so I was thrilled to get the Blazin Bitch pheromone candle for The candle comes in a 4oz tin, and I got the Black Cherry scented one, which reminds me of the fruit syrups they put on icecream.

I had all sorts of ideas for testing the scientific properties of the pheromone candle…light it in a bar and tally the number of hookups, light it in my flat and see if my boyfriend notices, double blind tests with this and a different candle that would allow me to wear my lab coat and goggles. It’s hard to say no to anything involving a lab coat and an evil genius laugh, but in the end I decided to do some old fashioned research. I found that the idea of releasing human pheromones though various products became popular on the 1970s following research on monkeys. More recently the Wyart study in 2007 determined that human females become physiologically aroused after smelling certain components of human male sweat. What does this mean for a mass market candle? Probably that you should rely on the romantic effects of open flame and the pleasant smell more than the suggestion of science.

Or you can let your imagination run wild, dust off your lab coat, and play mad scientist!

Whatever your fancy this is a nice candle, and the tin means you don’t have to watch it as carefully as you would a votive. Great for those moments when you’re paying attention to other things. If you want just the scent and would rather avoid the flame all together, you can also take advantage of the tin by setting this on a candle warmer. Just remember, never use scented candles on humans — they burn hotter than regular candles and will cause the kind of pain that leads you to the ER not the dungeon!

You can find the Blazin Bitch Pheromone candle on the Sex Toys site. You can also see the extensive collection of lubes and lotions if that catches your fancy.

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January 24, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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