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Luna Beads by Lelo

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A couple of weeks ago I received one of those signature Lelo black sexy boxes I know and love so much. Lelo starts things off right with elegant packaging that sets the tone for their well designed and expertly constructed toys. The black box contained my
Lelo Luna Beads
along with an instructional booklet and a white satin pouch to hold the beads.

The Luna Beads are part sex toy, part kegel exerciser, and all fun. It reminds me of the Fun Factory Smartballs I already have actually, but there are a few key differences. First the Luna Beads come with four balls — two 28 gram balls, and two 37 gram balls — you can interchange these to get more or less weight depending on your kegel fitness, goals, or favorite color. Second, the Luna Beads are slightly smaller than the Smart Balls, but when I combined the two 37 gram beads they felt heavier than the Smart Balls (I think the two 28 gram beads felt very close to the Smart Balls). Lastly, the Luna Beads have a translucent hard plastic shell which fits into a silicone holder so that you can insert two beads at a time and remove them easily using that attached string, while the Smart Balls are actually one unit covered in some kind of soft-ish plastic (possibly also silicone but I’m not sure).

So what does this actually do? Well, each bead has a little round weight inside which achieves a couple of things. First it makes you work to hold the beads in place as you’re walking around, which tones your kegel muscles, and this over time can make sex more intense. Second the beads role around while you move making the toy vibrate slightly and making this a great addition to masturbation especially if you’re using a clitoral vibrator.

Personally, I loved this toy, but it’s hard not to love anything that Lelo does. I didn’t have a hard time keeping the Luna Beads in even with the heaviest beads, but I did feel my muscles clench around it, which did wonders for focusing my attention. I primarily used this for masturbation to create that wonderful full feeling I often crave. I liked the Luna Beads for this better than some other toys I have because they fit comfortably inside me allowing unobstructed access to my clit. The fit also means that you can leave them in while doing housework, or working out to add a touch of discreet naughtiness to your day (although I’ll admit I got too distracted to actually do any housework!)

Written by kinkinexile

February 13, 2009 at 4:21 pm

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  1. They can also be fun for partner play, which isn’t something I’d have expected from an almost entirely internal toy. I especially enjoyed “tug-of-war”. It’s delightful to try and distract your partner while she does her best to keep control over the beads…


    February 15, 2009 at 3:03 pm

  2. Agreed! And yes, this may be the only kegel exerciser I’ve seen that’s fun with a partner.


    February 15, 2009 at 4:21 pm

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