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product review — Inttimo Forbidden Fruit massage and bath oil

My apologies for not getting you a weekly dose of sex toys recommendations…life has been exciting. But today I have a dilemma — what do you do with a massage oil that feels amazing but smells awful? The Inttimo Forbidden Fruit massage and bath oil feels divine. It is smooth without being greasy, gentle on my skin, and even warms up quickly. The bottle, which the I am told is patented by the company that owns Inttimo, is even perfect for massage. It has this special thing in the cap that lets you spread the oil evenly without spilling it all over your bed. The problem, however, is the smell. One friend described it as “militant pineapple Jolly Rancher.” That seems about right to me — it just smells like candy. Now if you’re looking for something you’ll want to eat that works great, but not for a relaxing massage I’m afraid. It’s too bad this massage oil isn’t edible! In the mean time however, I’m going to put it in my bath and see if diffusing it helps.

You can find Inttimo Forbidden Fruit massage and bath oil on the sex toys page, or take a look at all lubes and lotions.

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March 5, 2009 at 12:38 am

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