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toy review — Sex position cards

I spent the last couple of days in vegas, but here’s a card game you won’t find on the casino floor. The Sex Position deck is a set of 52 illustrated sex position cards. Each card features a description, technical illustration, and instructions for him and her.

We all have our favorite positions but variety is the spice of life to borrow a cliche (I did just get back from Vegas!) and this is a great way to add some variety. Just shuffle the deck, and have your partner pull a card at random. Be warned though, some of these positions might require some yoga or gymnastics training, and I take no responsibility for the rug burn on your shoulder!

Check out the Sex Position Flash Cards on the Sex Toys page, or look at all the how to’s.

Written by kinkinexile

April 6, 2009 at 9:11 am

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