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Toy review — frosted glass soy candle

Imagine the soft glow of a candle, an aroma of orange and vanilla, your lover slowly dripping the hot wax on your back. But it doesn’t land burning hot as you expect. Instead it’s soft, warm, and sensual. It drips a river down your spine in that moment before he begins massaging your back and the wax dissolves into massage oil.

I love the idea of soy wax — I mean how many romantic things can you get in one package? You have candle light, something warm caressing your curves, massage…it’s just lovely. The Frosted glass soy candle from also adds a nice aesthetic element with its frosted glass holder. The only thing I’m not in love with is the fact that the smell gets quite a bit stronger when you pour the wax. It’s pleasant, but if you’re sensitive to this kind of thing it might be overwhelming.

It works mostly like a normal candle — you light it and wait a while (I’m sure you can find a way to entertain yourselves while you wait). Once you get a nice pool of melted wax, blow out the flame and drip the wax on your lover. It has a low melting temperature so it shouldn’t get much hotter than bath water, and body temperature is warm enough to keep it liquid. Cleans up with soap and water, and best of all — you can put it on the coffee table and the neighbors will never know the difference!

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April 13, 2009 at 8:04 am

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