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Too many sex toys?

I just saw this contest. Post a wishlist of sex toys adding up to $1000 and you get a chance to win your wish
list. I thought this would be easy, and I shot through the first $600 in 5 minutes flat…but then it got hard to get close to $1000 without going over. In the end I came short, but here’s my list, check out the contest page for rules!

Liberator Esse — It seems pretty crazy to spend $375 on a sex toy right off the bat, but there is something delicious about having a piece of furniture that’s designed for sex! And look at this thing, it looks so cute and comfy I want to put it in my living room.

Private dancer pole kit — As long as I’m decorating the living room, why not add a little entertainment to the mix. I hear it’s a great workout too!

Parisian Maid Costume — Keeping with the theme of entertainment this sexy little number might be fun for a night in.

The SaSi — Welcome to the new world of science (?) I just can’t resist science and technology so a vibrator that learns sounds really cool.

The Cone — I’ve seen these around and have wondered how it’s used but never got the chance to try it. I’m all for new user interfaces so I just can’t wait.

Bo –I’ve never heard a bad review of a Lelo toy, but I have to admit I’m curious to see how this guy is different from the $10 vibrating cock ring I already own.

Wicked Wand — I have a similar toy called an Evil Stick that I just love and this looks like a meaner version of that…yum!

lockable vibrator case — Because I’m going to need somewhere to keep all my goodies and the bed-side table is getting a bit crowded 😉

Total cost: $970.34

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May 2, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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