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Toy review — B3 Tuyo

Welcome to the new world order. Sex toys, once relegated to the back of the night stand drawer, are now luxury items with some serious product design going into their creation and some of the best medical-grade materials going into manufacturing. The B3 Tuyo is right up there at the head of the class with its sleek design, virgin phthalate-free plastic body, stainless steel accents, and elegant satin packaging.

The B3 Tuyo, which is one of the sex toys I got from, is a spherical vibrator with 8 modes of vibration — 3 speeds and 5 vibrating patterns. I wanted it, being a superficial kind of girl some of the time, because it was pretty, but when the shiny vibrating ball arrived I was at a loss. The design is cool but where does it fit? The vibration patterns are really neat, but I can’t quite get the right kind of contact with the right parts of my body. So what’s a girl to do? Well for starters, read the instructions…the Tuyo is meant to circle the bodies of couples as well as to be used for solo pleasure. Ok, this is a good start — it’s a sexy sleek vibrator that looks nothing like a penis so if you want to introduce a little something extra in the bedroom, but don’t want your boyfriend to be intimidated try this. And then another thing occurred to me: it’s a sphere, maybe instead of trying to focus it on my clit I should roll it around my entire vulva. And suddenly I understand what they were thinking when they made this thing. Stimulating the entire area was a new kind of experience — it was a way to get turned on rather than get off so do this with a partner or when you have some time to spare, but definitely try it out.

Long story short: sexy looking, sexy feeling toy that’s great for partnered play. It’s on the loud side and could probably benefit from having a bit more weight both to dampen the sound and strengthen the vibration. The round shape makes it very ergonomic and easy to hold/use which code monkeys and those of us who know what a pica ruler is will appreciate.

Written by kinkinexile

May 7, 2009 at 2:18 am

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  1. Hey, no fair. That’s exactly what I said :P.

    Ms. Ava Blue

    May 8, 2009 at 8:34 am

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