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Pinnacle Designs spreader bar

Ok, how often do your sex toy manufactures also make aircraft parts on the side? Not too often I’d imagine, and thats why I take a perversely geeky pleasure in reviewing this particular spreader bar. This candy purple spreader bar is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is as solidly engineered as it is pretty. It is 36″ with small-ish loops on either side for attachment. I really like the sturdy aluminum feel, and the metallic purple color. The length can be good or bad. I am mostly used to dealing with adjustable spreader bars which offer more flexibility and don’t leave you looking quizingly from toy to partner wondering if they will line up. On the other hand, adjustable spreader bars often have sharp or awkward edges which the Pinnacle Design bar thankfully lacks. It does come in multiple sizes so you just have to decide what you want in advance.

This is a great toy for adding some rigidity to rope bondage and can be used in conjunction with ankle cuffs, say if you wanted the spread-eagle look without adding hardware to your bed. Check out the 36″ Candy Purple spreader bar on the sex toys page, or view all BDSM and bondage items.

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May 30, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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  1. Seems that we have things in common.

    Spreader Bar

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