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Product review — Kama Diva plug

I’ve wanted to try a Don Wand product for a while, and as I’m slowly but surely expanding my collection of anal toys I figured why not try the Kama Diva plug. The blue swirly plug is made out of urethane — a kind of hard plastic material. Urethane is apparently also fragile as the toy comes with a big blue pillowy/plushy pouch for safekeeping.

The Kama Diva plug, at about 4″ tall and 1.25″ in diameter, is about medium sized (at least compared to the butt toys I already own) and features a bulb head followed by a bead-like ridge before you get to the flared base. I really like the ridge part because it gives you more sensations and draws out the experience more than a toys with just a bulb head and base. I do have to admit, however, that the base on this toy made me a little worried. It is important that anything you put up your butt has a large flared base because things can get pulled in and stuck up there. The Kama Diva plug does have a flared base but it’s only about half an inch wider than the plug itself and that seems like too small a marine of error. It is also unclear to me if the plug and base are made out of one piece of urethane or if they are separate and joined by a seam. Does anyone else know? I would advise caution when using this toy, and I myself made sure to not let it go all the way in. Kama Diva plugs are phthalates free and made in the USA and aside from my being a worry-wort about the base this is a fun toy and a great intro for the adventurous anal sex newbie.

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June 22, 2009 at 12:21 am

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