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Sensuous soak kit:

I got these products as part of the sensuous soak kit from Babeland, and while I think they took it off their site, thanks to their rock star editor you can save 10% on any of these products (details bellow).

This <a href=""kit is the kind of thing that bridges the divide between the things you do before sex and the things you do for sex. I’ve reviewed bath products before, and I stand by the idea that anything that makes you feel sexy and brings the focus to your body, like say bubble bath, will improve your sex-life. This kit, however, gives you not only the bubble bath, and sensual massage candle to get you in the mood, it takes you right along with a book of aqua themed erotica and a vibrating sea sponge to spice up your bath.

The kit started out with Babeland’s signature bubble bath. The rich foam, light scent, and decadent feeling is a great way to relax before a hot date. Add the vibrating sea sponge, though, and you might want to have a bath date instead. The sponge has a hidden bullet vibrator and is a fun accompaniment to the otherwise more spa-feeling kit. If you’re enjoying your bath alone, and are anything like me, you’ve probably dropped more than a single magazine into the steamy water. This is why I find the aqua erotica book absolutely brilliant — it’s 100% waterproof! I have never before seen a waterproof book for adults, and even joked while I was waiting for the kit to arrive that it should be waterproof. Imagine my surprise when I found out it really was. But beyond that, the book is a diverse collection of water themed erotica — not my usual interest but very well done I must say.

Finally, when I was practically floating on cloud 9 and as relaxed as I thought I was going to get I noticed the Jimmyjane Afterglow candle. This lovely cucumber scented soy wax candle has a low burning temperature and turns into a sensual massage lotion. It comes with a brush you can use to brush the wax on or if you’re terribly gouache as I was you can just drip it from the pretty frosted glass holder.

Inspired to take a long hot bath of your own? You can save 10% off any of these products with the coupon code KINK09. This code is not case sensitive and expires on 7/1/10

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July 6, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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