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Toy review — B3 Onye

Some of you may remember the B3 Tuyo which I reviewed a couple of months ago. Well I’m adding another B3 product to my collection of sex toys and clitoral stimulators thanks to the nice folks at My new toy, the B3 Onye, is similar to the Tuyo in design with one immediately obvious difference — shape. Unlike the round Tuyo, the Onye is more elongated; it’s shaped like a bullet, but larger and, I’m told, ergonomically designed (it’s certainly easier to hold on to than a bullet). The Onye does share several features with the Tuyo such as its multiple vibration speeds, 3 patterns, and luxury materials and packaging. All of these things, especially the strong varied vibration patterns (a surprising feat for the 3 AAA batteries that power it), are a win in my book. Unfortunately, the Onye also shares the biggest downside of the Tuyo — noise. Maybe I’m spoiled, maybe it’s unreasonable to think that a toy that looks this good and feels this good should also be silent, but I have to say, the noise is a real turn off.

If the noise doesn’t bother you I would rate this as a nice luxury toy. Probably not my first pick for myself, but given B3s unique design sensibilities, attention to detail, and pretty satin-lined boxes, both the Tuyo and the Onye would make good gifts for the girl who has everything.

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August 5, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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