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Who are you calling a bitch?

Because a girl can only have so many sex toys, a book review…

Bitch in the Bedroom claims to reconnect you with your inner bitch “that integral, powerful part of you” that is “the little black dress of attitudes.”

What is meant by bitch in this context is independent, and perhaps possessing a healthy self esteem. Throughout the book Hilts encourages readers to ask themselves What Am I Thinking (WAIT). WAITing in turn allows you to escape Toxic Niceness — that bad habit of smiling when a guy says something mean or sitting through bad dates to the end. It’s hard to argue with anything Hilts says given that she encourages you to form healthy relationships, communicate with your partner, and be more self confident. The presentation is nice too, with a friendly conversational style, chapters separated by clever cartoons, and easy to reference sidebars. I do have to wonder, however, don’t we know this already? Isn’t calling confidence the bitch way a little…off putting? Do we really need to read anecdote after bad date anecdote to learn that our desires matter?

On the other hand if you recently had a fight about the dishes that included bringing up wounds from two years ago you should check out Bitch in the Bedroom which you can get in the books and catalogues section at home of the biggest selection of Sex toys and vibrators online (they also throw great Second Life parties with toy giveaways).

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August 16, 2009 at 8:46 pm

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