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Product review — Lelo Mia

The Lelo Mia is the kind of sex toy that kicks my geek brain into high gear. It is charged via USB which has the obvious advantage of being travel friendly (no power cords to forget, no batteries to buy, and no worries about 110 vs. 220). However, the moment I saw a USB plug on a <a href=""vibrator I wanted it to have memory. Just imagine, what if it not only got you off, but it allowed you to store up to 4 gigs of your porn collection to boot. Would this be possible? Three out of four MIT grads agree vibration would not damage a flash drive. Alas, the fine folks at Lelo do not have any aspirations to take on the likes of SanDisk.

The Mia is still a good travel vibrator. Small and lipstick shaped it fits nicely in purse or carry on. USB powered it connects to any computer (well ok, any computer outside the halls of the Computer History Museum) and charges quickly. It is water resistant and easy to clean, and I can personally attest that it arose absolutely no suspicion from airport security.

As a vibrator, however, it did not get me off. I tried, and tried again to love this easy to pack gem, but the hard plastic and the lipstick shape just made it all wrong for my body. I’ve become spoiled by clitoral stimulators that hug my curves, and by soft silicon which just feels different against my body. It’s a strong vibrator though, and one of the quietest I’ve ever owned so if you normally go for plastic over silicone and want the approach of a bullet, I would recommend trying it out. If you’re like me and want something a little softer, a little curvier, stay tuned for some of the other great things I’ve got lined up from

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August 23, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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  10. Fantastic toy! The Lelo Mia is one of the best discreet toy I have tried yet!

    March 10, 2010 at 6:18 am

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