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playing dress up — Erotique Sexy fishnet top and G-string

A friend just handed me season 1 of Secret Diary of a Callgirl. It’s a very pretty Showtime adaptation of the book by the same name, and it made me want to play dress-up like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to Sonoma on Friday, and while the original plan was to go wine tasting and biking, I suspect the revised plan includes sexy costumes and raunchy hotel sex.

Among the costumes I’m packing is the Erotique fishnet top and G-string I just got from (Isn’t it nice how they have all these costumes and lotions and goodness knows what else to complement their collection of vibrators and other sex toys?) I have a few fishnet tops from my punk rock days, but this off the shoulder number is more flirty than what you’d find on the Haight. It’s also made of a softer fabric than a lot of the punk chic I’ve found. The Erotique set features a cute red bow on both the top and matching panties that makes me want to save the whole thing for Christmas, but I think I’m just a little too big to fit into one of those fuzzy stockings you hang on the fireplace so weekend getaway it will be. Oh, I should tell you though that while this set is “one size fits most” it actually runs pretty small so keep that in mind if it’s a concern.

Of course now that I’ve got my costumes sorted I get to figure out what toys to bring…what’s quiet enough for a hotel room, easy to travel with, and still hurts like hell?

Written by kinkinexile

August 30, 2009 at 1:02 pm

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