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product review — Laya Spot

The Laya was the first high-end vibrator I bought back when I was an undergrad. It was my introduction to concepts such as design and ergonomics going into sex toys, and I loved it. Over the years though my Laya had gotten replaced by other toys, and fell into misuse in the bottom of some dresser drawer somewhere. So when I saw the Laya Spot in Babeland’s affiliate newsletter a couple of weeks ago I wanted to give it another try. I missed my old friend with the perfect curves and light-up buttons. Ok, so mine didn’t have light-up buttons, I think it was an older model, but the one I just got from Babeland had buttons that light up with a pretty pink glow for easy night-time use.

My blue and pink Laya Spot arrived in Fun Factory’s signature magnetic closure package that makes my heart melt for the German engineers who designed it (and for the clever packaging designer who came up with the icons for “application”, and “quietness”). The Laya itself is also one of those toys that makes me wonder how they designed it. It is, in fact, ergonomically curved to touch just the right places. It fits all your curves comfortably — like you favorite pair of jeans if your favorite pair of jeans delivered mind-blowing orgasms. The Laya Spot has 7 vibrating speeds (ok, I think I counted 7, but I was distracted…) and 3 vibrating patterns. This was, by the way, the first toy I owned that did anything more clever than vibrate and low, medium, and high. I love it. The three pulsing patterns are just enough variation to keep you interested but not too much such that they throw you off your groove. The multiple speeds let you warm up at your own pace, and the control is easy and straight forward. If I had one critique of the Laya Spot it would be that you have to go through all 7 speeds to get to the pulsing patterns, but I can’t think of a way to change that and still keep the controls simple and not at all bulky. It’s also quiet and splash-proof to boot so what’s not to like.

Short story: It was love at first sight and I still love it enough to come back for seconds.

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August 31, 2009 at 1:02 pm

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