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Pining for sex-work

I know, sex work is that last resort you’re supposed to turn to in bad time or some such, but that just isn’t true. You see every once in a while I start pining for sex work. I miss the pro-domming sessions or the modeling work I’ve just been too busy to pursue, I troll Craigslist in search of something fast and safe-seeming. I feel bad about this at time, as though I am taking work away from people for whom this is their day job just to get my rocks off, but hey, my once a month pining for a quick $100 bucks just for showing up, lifting my skirt, and peeing on some poor bloke isn’t about to put Capp Street out of business. I’m also finding that this just isn’t a good business model. In fact, it isn’t a business so much as a self-funding hobby. In my fantasy world I’d have one regular client who passed through town every few weeks and that would more than fulfill the whoring item on my sexual to-do list. Maybe that can be my new year’s resolution for 2010.

Written by kinkinexile

September 25, 2009 at 11:11 am

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