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Product review — Pink lube

Lube for women? is this Pink as in the Victoria’s Secret spin-off brand Pink? Aloe and vitamin E for my lady bits? Ok, sure, I’ll try it. I actually first tried Pink lube when they sent a whole bunch of little sample packs to SFSI. I thought it needed further exploration and it just so happens that has it in their lube selection.

Pink is a silicon lubricant that does indeed contain aloe and vitamin E, but the first thing I noticed was that it looks like a perfume bottle. This is definitely lube marketed to women, but it also seems to be a solid, hypo-allergenic product. It’s less thick than other silicon lubes I’ve tried perhaps because of the addition of aloe gel and other moisturizing ingredients so you may need to reapply a couple of times. It was also really gentle — I’m very cautious when it comes to picking lube because I find so many of them irritating, but Pink didn’t give me any problems at all.

On the whole I liked it better for use with vibrators and other sex toys than for partnered sex because it just wasn’t as thick as I like and I’m not sure how to judge if it was as moisturizing as it promised to be. Oh and I was not able to confirm the rumor that Victoria’s Secret owns Pink and I suspect they wouldn’t sell it through adult stores if they did.

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September 28, 2009 at 4:23 pm

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