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Product review — Tilt Master

I’ve never owned sex furniture before — hell I own precious little real furniture — so I was really excited about the Tilt Master. The Fantasy Series Tilt Master is an inflatable sex ball/chair/moonshaped thing — you’ll get a much better idea by clicking on the link and actually seeing the photo. The inflatable part is important to remember — I spent about half an hour with a bicycle pump, a deconstructed ball point pen and a narrow pipe trying to make it work before informing my boyfriend that if he could get it up before I finished brushing my teeth he would fuck me on it. I have no idea how he got the thing inflated but he managed to do it before I got back. The next “challenge” we encountered was balancing on a round thing while having sex. The first time we tried I hit my head so I would not recommend doing this on a hardwood floor. I will say, however, that it is fun enough that I got back on to give it a second try — and get the ab workout of my life. Turns out the way you stay balanced while having sex on something that tries to roll you backward is by focusing on your core and making your pilates teacher proud.

Did I love the Tilt Master when I first tried it? Yes. Would I buy it though? Hard to say. It’s fun, but if novelty doesn’t make up all of the fun it’s certainly a requirement for getting over the hassle of inflation and falling on one’s head. Unlike with other sex toys weight and body geometry is a serious consideration, and you can’t be too serious with an inflatable sex ball. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, but my abs still hurt two days later (I’m adding this to my workout regiment!) On the other hand, for a girl who owns one too many vibrators the novelty of a whole new category of toy is great, and I suppose it can double as a chair 🙂

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October 4, 2009 at 2:43 pm

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