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I’m taking on another review program, this time as a brand ambassador for Good Vibrations. I’ve shopped at Good Vibes for the better part of a decade so it’s pretty exciting to review their products, but even I was skeptical when I found out what I’d be getting: Truth or Dare and a video called Seven Minutes in Heaven. I mean I was one of those antisocial kids in school who thought seven minutes in heaven was barbaric. But, hell, in the name of science, why not?
Good Vibes Brand Ambassador Truth or Dare A Game of Passion

So what is this exactly? Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion, for Adults from Good Vibrations is a game involving two decks of cards (one of truths and one of dares) and a dice that you roll to figure out which pile you’re meant to pick from. Of course this is an adult game so no “lick the bottom of your shoe” dares here. Instead cards propose such interesting dares as “…write an erotic letter from your tongue or fingers to the particular body part of your partner that you enjoy licking…” But I wouldn’t be recommending this game to all my friends just for the erotically daring actions it may inspire. It’s all about the truth for me. Some are funny, some kinky, but they all give you a chance to learn something new about your partner. This is a great couple’s game specifically because it asks you, in a fun and nicely illustrated way, to talk about those things most couples don’t really get to talk about. I’d say it’s good for getting to know a new lover, but it’s even better for spicing up an existing relationship.

Seven Minutes in Heaven is also not the barbaric childhood hazing ritual I expected. Instead I received a DVD of queer porn shorts. See, doesn’t that sound better already. Seven Minutes in Heaven features real queer women having the kind of sex they enjoy with their favorite toys and their favorite partners. No LA boobies or scripts here, in fact no LA movie sets either — the whole thing looks like it was shot in the performer’s Mission flat. Might be a twinge too hipster for my tastes, but it’s a nice alternative if you want to watch porn but you don’t want something that plays into all the common tropes. This movie won’t be available until later in the month, but I’ll update the post with a link once I get it.

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October 12, 2009 at 7:57 pm

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