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Product review — Tickled Pink restraints

What could make for a nicer Sunday morning than sitting in a sunny courtyard, with a cup of tea and thinking about Bondage? well, ok, I could have a human table to balance my tea on, but I guess I’ll just have to make do.

In the mean time, lets talk about bondage. Bondage-lite perhaps. I recently got a pair of Tickled Pink Restraints from I usually associate bondage with leather and all sorts of metal clasps, so fuzzy pink cuffs with velcro closures were somewhat of an anomaly. What I discovered is that these are actually a lot less threatening then black leather with metal locks. They’re “fun” and “cute.” A nice holiday stocking stuffer for an otherwise vanilla lover (vanilla with fudge swirl).

The cuffs were comfortable and soft though not intended for hard core resistance play by any means. The velcro closure was secure enough that you can pull on them a little and feel restrained but was ultimately easy to open once you’re done…or once you’ve decided to turn the tables. The cuffs also had these straps attached to them which I used to tie my partner to the bed. I may have preferred clips, but the straps give you some flexibility to work with what ever kind of bed-frame you have.

Long story short: if you’re just getting into bondage or want to surprise a partner with something a little different this is for you. If you already own half a tack shop worth of crops, and every sex toy known to man I might suggest something a little sturdier.

Written by kinkinexile

October 25, 2009 at 1:22 pm

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