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Toy review–SmartBalls and Teneo

Smartballs Teneo Kegel Adult Sex Toy at GoodVibes.comOk, I know I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus recently, but you’ll have to forgive me since I was out of the country for most of that time. I’m going to jump right into it with a couple of toys I got from Good Vibrations before I left, and then I’ll backtrack and explain the more personal stuff in future posts since I need some time to clear my head before I can make coherent sentences.

The toys I got were actually two variations on a theme. Both made by Fun Factory, the Smartballs and Teneo Kegel Sex Toys are part kegel exercisers and part g-spot stimulators. They are basically little weighted balls that you insert vaginally and wear around the house or while having sex, or hell while jogging if you like, but we’ll get to the uses in a minute. The SmartBalls are two such balls connected by a flexible neck, while the Teneo is one slightly larger ball (about 1.5″ in diameter). Both are made up of a larger outside with a smaller free-moving weighted ball on the inside. This gives them a little bit of movement (not exactly vibration, but close), allows them to respond to your movement dynamically and adds weight. The SmartBalls are made of non-porus elastomer and the Teneo is made of silicone, both hygienic, body-safe materials.

So what do these guys actually do? Well a couple of things. First if you just wear them vaginally, say while doing house work, keeping the weighted balls in place can strengthen your kegel muscles. You can also keep them in while doing kegel exercises for a bit more challenge. Second, while the health benefits are all well and good these things are also pretty damn fun as g-spot stimulators. When you move your hips the weighted internal balls move with you changing the weight distribution and pressure and creating a titillating if subtle internal sensation. Finally, you can use them to bring your attention to something sexy in a mind-body type exercise.

What did I do with mine? Believe it or not, I cleaned the house. Ok, actually I have to say the SmartBalls were a little too much for me outside the bedroom. Either the flexible neck wasn’t quite flexible enough, or they were just too big but I couldn’t sit comfortably with them in. The Teneo, however, was perfect for, well, for every day use. I inserted it while cleaning the house and taking care of paperwork and it kept my mind on sex even while I was doing the most mundane things. I would particularly recommend this as part of D/s play say if you’re cleaning your dominant’s house and want to keep your mind firmly planted in the gutter.

On the whole, either of these is a fun addition to the toy chest, but if you haven’t played with something like this before I would recommend the Teneo for the most comfortable introduction.

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