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Book review — Connoisseur’s Sex Guide

I’ve been thinking for a while about the nature of sex guides and how a lot of them start with “have sex with the lights on” and sadly end there. The Connoisseur’s Sex Guide, however, is a great little book that not only gives a solid overview of the basics, but touches on some more graduate level topics.

This 240 page pocket-sized book has lovely glossy pages and full color photos that are sexy without being pornographic per se. It starts with sexual positions working it’s way from missionary and variations there of to a balancing act involving the bathroom sink. Then the book turns to a chapter of T words: tips, tricks, tantra and Tao. I haven’t tried tantra, but the beginner lessons in Connoisseur’s Sex Guide seem like a good stepping stone. The book lists a couple concrete Tantric exercises without overwhelming readers with the history and emotional/religious implications there of. Moving on from tantra we get roleplay and fantasy — areas I’m more familiar with but still feel that the Connoisseur’s Sex Guide provides a nice sampler plate with enticing illustrations, and specific suggestions to get you started. Helpful shaded boxes are provided to give the reader some extra hand holding, and occasionally partner exercises, for potentially more nerve wracking activities such as phone sex (oh hush you, some of us are the quiet, reserved type!)

Finally, Connoisseur’s Sex Guide includes sections on sex toys, dressing for sex and sensual fabrics, as well as a glossary of fetishes and an informative description of the sexual response cycle. Because this book covers such a range of topics in such a short time it feels superficial at times. However, I would encourage readers to look at it as a tasting menu — an opportunity to flip through a couple dozen fetishes in an afternoon’s time and decide if they should consider a vibrator or a crop as their next purchase.

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January 25, 2010 at 10:09 pm

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