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Orgasm in a box?

Perhaps for the simple reason that I am a girl, I tend to think of sex toys as something for girls. Not so with Babeland’s Orgasm in a Box kit for him. This kit includes a Tenga egg, Sonic Ring kit (vibrating jelly cock ring with bullet vibe) and a couple packets of Babeland’s lube.

I’ll be honest, I got it for the egg. Don’t get me wrong, jelly cock rings are a great way to add something different to intercourse, but I’ve tried those before. Now an egg shaped masturbation sleeve? I have to see this!

I told my boy that I needed to borrow his penis for science, but alas I wasn’t able to find a lab coat in time. None the less I went into the experiment with clipboard in hand — this being science and all 🙂

First lesson: put the enclosed packet of lube in the egg, not on the penis. Putting the lube on the penis can be messy, but the egg is this nice self contained device. Actually the whole thing seemed so neat and self-contained that it made me wonder if this wasn’t designed for the busy Japanese man who needs to get off in the back of a cab on his way to a meeting. Japanese business practices aside, my boy reported that while the egg felt good it required a lot less pressure than other masturbation methods and worked best with a twisting rather than an up and down motion. Why? Because the silicon egg is textured on the inside, and this particular egg had little fingers that moved side to side rather than up and down. Too much pressure prevents them from moving with each stroke so you don’t want that. The egg is also reported to transfer heat well, which I am told feels more natural.

Anyway, I loved watching my boy play with this kit…ok, maybe the egg made me fantasize about tentacle rape just a little, but I still highly recommended as a valentines gift for him.

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February 7, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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