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Those of you who started reading after 2008 and after the move from my old digital home have occasionally asked how on earth my current local can be considered anything other than a kinky mecca. I’ll grant you, it is certainly not exile, but this blog was started while I was off in the wilds of Southeast Asia — not a very friendly place to be a kinky woman I assure you. I came back, two years ago now, rattled in a lot of ways and determined to stay put for a while. But another trip is starting to form in my head…where can I teach and for how long? Are the visas expensive? Does coffee have a season? Should I take a language class?

I hope that I can spare some time, less time now than before, but some to wander around the wilder part of our planet. I’m going to need this summer when it comes.

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February 16, 2010 at 12:37 am

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