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Lube experiment #1

I while back I realized that some lubes, like some condoms, leave me feeling irritated, so I started the search for a better personal lubricant. Thus far, I’ve had mixed results. I’ve tried all natural products that weren’t worth their weight in pachouli, and a handful of completely artificial ones that felt good. I’m still looking for something that not only doesn’t irritate me, but also feels good, doesn’t get sticky and is viscus enough it doesn’t feel like water.

I’m starting my search with Liquid Silk, an old friend that once left me irritated, but I decided to put the blame on the Nuva Ring I was using at the time and give Liquid Silk another try. Liquid silk is glycerin free, water based, and most importantly, feels amazing. In fact, this is the lube consistency I judge all other lubes by. Liquid silk has a thick but not sticky consistency. This condom and silicon safe lube lasts long enough to get the job done, and resent experiments seem to suggest that it doesn’t irritate me one bit. Frankly, I’m happy to call it my new best friend and stop the search, but I actually have an organic product in my line-up that I think is worth a try, so stay tuned.

You can find Liquid Silk, as well as a full range of women-friendly sex toys at

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April 18, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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