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Lube review part two

A while back I reviewed the Liquid Silk lube, which if not for our love/hate relationship with chemistry would be my gold standard for lube. Today I have a natural alternative. Sliquid Organics natural lube! Yup, it’s Berkeley safe.

Sliquid has a lot in common with Liquid Silk, same amazing texture, about the same endurance and no overwhelming plastic-y scent. Sliquid is also 100% glycerin and paraben free for the health conscious (and when it comes to those nasties we should all be conscious). Picking between the two is hard…they have so much in common. Sliquid seems better for me: I’ve never had an adverse reaction, and it has ingredients I can pronounce. Liquid silk on the other hand, has a very slight hand up on texture, but occasionally doesn’t quite work for me.

Luckily, both come in tester sizes, so check them out at where you can also find a wide array of sex toys to try them with!

Written by kinkinexile

June 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm

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