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Tantus Flow – product review

Okay this is one of those toys that I oggle in the store but am actually a little intimidated by in real life. The Tantus Alumina collection is made of aeronautic grade aluminum. These pretty purple aluminum dildos comes in a variety of shapes and are all lubricant safe. I started with the smoothest one in the collection – the Tantus Flow – even though I got the Tantus Motion as well.

The first thing I noticed about this toy is the weight. Unlike plastic or silicone toys I already have, these guys are heavy! They also get frigidly cold. Aluminum actually holds temperature really well and you can adjust the temperature of the toy by running it under hot or cold water. My favorite game along those lines is to play with the cool Tantus Flow before fucking my boyfriend who is of course amazingly warm by comparison. I haven’t tried warming it up yet…I was a bit distracted by the contrast play 🙂

The Tantus toys unscrew in the middle, though I am unclear as to the benefit of this. You can mix and match but they come as a set, so you will still have to buy multiple full sets. Why not just use both toys? I guess being able to interchange them lets you make your perfect toy and not have to find two different toys when you want them, but I’m still unconvinced. Over all though, I like this toy lot. It’s not my go-to toy because it is too intense, a little too intimidating, and much more fun with a partner at least for me, but it is definitely one that offers a new range of sensation distinct from what I already had.

You can check out all the Tantus toys as well as other dildos and sex toys at!

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September 1, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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