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Wedge air pillow:

Have you ever noticed how a pillow makes everything better. A strategically placed pillow under your hips helps you get just the right spots during sex and makes everything flow…or at least it does for me. Being a long time fan of the pillow, and an I’ll-try-anything-once kind of girl I was very excited to try the Wedge Air Pillow by Doc Johnson. It seemed at first glance like a great idea, just like a pillow but with more shape and the promise not to get squished too early. The promises of easy storage and cleanup sealed the deal.

The Wedge Air Pillow, exciting as it is, is a departure from my usual luxe sex toys with their carefully designed packaging. It arrived in a cardboard box with the kind of image typical of adult novelty stores. That said, the fact that it came with it’s own air pump and spared me the desperate runabout with a broken ball point pen and bike pump that I experienced with the Tilt Master, makes this package just fine in my book.

The air pillow itself is a mixed bag. True to its promise, the Wedge keeps its shape, has a soft fabric cover, and is easy to clean and store. The problem I had was that it was just a spot too big for me to fit comfortably. I’m a small person (5’1″) but still. Bending over it doggy style caused it to press uncomfortably into my stomach though laying on my back, head up or down the wedge, was pretty good. Over all I think this is a good alternative to the pricier Liberator having tried both (and having had similar size compliments for both actually). And while not as compact as your vibrators, the Wedge does deflate and fit nicely into the closet or under the bed when not in use, something that can’t be said of the Liberator.

I’d say check it out if you like props or hard to get into positions.

Written by kinkinexile

November 5, 2010 at 10:11 am

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