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Ok, so this post has been a while in the making. A few months ago I started experimenting with shaving my lady bits, and over all, I have to say I recommend it. A lot more sensation brings a whole new excitement to silky underwear, so naturally when I had the chance to try the Body Bare electric razor kit from I jumped at the opportunity.

The Body Bare electric razor is a dry razor intended for use with a little talcum powder and only on short stubble. Sadly, regardless of the length of stubble or the application of powder, it just didn’t work! It made a buzzy noise and kind sorta cut some hair when I ran it around my thigh in the suggested pattern, but it took 10 minutes of buzzing to clear a patch of skin about 4 inches square. That’s the amount of time it typically takes me to shave my legs fully. I tried it again a couple of days later convinced that I was doing something wrong, but no luck. My dry saving experiment was a bust!

Lucky for me though the kind folks at Sextoy also sent me a bottle of Intimo Forbidden Fruit Shave Kreme(sic). I had a mini “Kitty Shave Kreme” from Sextoy before and was super excited to see if this was as good. A week of happy shaving later I can report that this shaving creme by Wet International more than makes up for my dry shaving debacle. Its silky formula glides right on and protects my skin while shaving, then rinses clean and easy when I’m done.

My advice, skip the Body Bare dry razor and go straight for the wild wet world of Intimo Forbidden Fruit Shave Cream, or stick to the awesome sex toys.

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June 13, 2011 at 1:29 am

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