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Happy friday!

And in a moment of sheer hedonistic detour from all worthwhile content I just have to share that having a naked boy tied up at my feet while I work is totally for the win.

In other Friday happenings, this is my last weekday off from an in-office job, so I am trying to wrap up some post ideas I’ve meant to work on over the course of the last month and haven’t had the chance.    In particular I’ve been mulling over the concept of active bottoming and what that might mean, as well as the idea of teaching and learning BDSM related skills and who should/does teach and in what settings.

I keep starting these topics and then getting detoured, I think because these aren’t blog posts so much as conversations in my head.  Which makes me curious, from whom and in what context did you learn about BDSM?  When you think about specific skill sets that’ve you collected, how did you learn those skills?  If you are a bottom what are some ways in which you are active in your scenes, and if you are a top what kind of collaboration do you look for from your bottom?

Lets see, in other happenings this week, I was very sorry to hear of Steve Jobs’ passing.  Both as a religious mac user and someone who appreciates innovation and the sentiment behind Think Different I am deeply saddened to lose a man who changed the playing field as much as Jobs, and of course extend my deepest condolences to his family.

Alright, it may be lunch time…have an awesome weekend and be excellent to each other!

Written by kinkinexile

October 7, 2011 at 8:44 pm

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