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When I started this blog I was in a country that had recently had a coup.  I had a note on my about page that blogging would be suspended in the event of national instability; I did not expect that national instability to happen on my own front stoop.  I am about five blocks from Occupy Oakland, and while this movement as a whole seems disjointed and not representative of my experience seeing my own neighborhood  fall apart is, well, intense…

Last night I saw 47 police officers gather to protect a patch of ground from 6 hippie kids.  I saw provocation on both sides and minor skirmishes, I saw flash grenades from the relative safety of my living room window, and this morning many many pictures of tear gas clouds.  I tried to fall asleep amid the noise and woke up at 2AM to surprising silence.  I watched a police officer get too aggressive, and I watched three of his own pull him back in line.  I was mugged while filming the scene, and tried, am still trying, to cultivate love.  Serenity now god damn it!

I had coffee with a police officer this morning, and sent coffee to the two kids who braved the morning chill to occupy 14th st.  I saw the “mic check” system work for the first time tonight, and was in awe of people coming together to create community, to encourage each other toward peaceful action and to repeat words regardless of if they agreed so that others could hear.

I saw a beautiful boy, tall, lanky, all black cloth and red crosses gas mask slung across his shoulder get ready to do his job, and made eyes at an EMT with a mohawk and sweet smile…damn competence is hot!  I also saw looting, and tourist rioting – crimes of opportunity.

I’m still absorbing, still trying to make sense, and I really wish I wasn’t spending tonight alone.

Written by kinkinexile

October 26, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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