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End of the weekend yet again

And this one was rather epic.

Friday night I went to a party at The Looking Glass , an East Bay play space, with the lovely Maymay who was kind enough to let me hit him with a metal pipe.  I have to admit it was a little odd playing in a semi-public space again, I enjoyed meeting people and seeing some of the scenes, but was too absorbed in my own play to really spend time watching others.  This was good, but hadn’t been my experience at the Citadel (for better or worse).  The crowd seemed more swinger than BDSM which isn’t a problem except for the fact that someone actually tried to talk to me during a scene…because you might not know, it is generally not ok to talk to someone while they are in the middle of a scene unless you or they are on fire and that wasn’t part of the plan.  Still, it’s hard not to have a good time when a beautiful boy on his knees is involved.

Saturday started off as a mellow evening of sleeping in and running out for baked goods then got busy in a hurry as Occupy Oakland moved into my front lawn (I’m so not kidding right now).  Luckily the whole incident was non-violent…more of a dance party in freezing rain.  Over the course of the evening I gave away 86 cups of coffee to occupiers not counting refills and personal cups.  May, who’d gone home to work on some personal stuff, returned toward the end of the evening to find coffee covering every crevice of my kitchen, and me exhausted and hungry.  Major brownie points to him for getting the coffee mess cleaned up and helping me pass out the rest of the coffee!

Sunday…Sunday I woke up to the sound of police megaphones and the people’s mic.  I learned that there are in fact two things that can get May out of bed before noon, one of which is “wake up dear, it’s the revolution.”  As mentioned in my last post, I moved tents and gathered stuff for a hectic half hour before going home to shower, brush my teeth and get an impromptu lesson in setting up a live stream.  The rest of the day felt like a drunken stupor as adrenaline crashed and I tried to re-sort my plans.  I went to costco and got a year’s worth of laundry soap and tequila, I had brunch with my ex and ran into my coworker.  I took a nap, falling asleep to the sound of people chanting outside my window and waking up to strange silence.  And in case you’re wondering, and for those that asked: I’m not occupying anything, not protesting for or against anything, I’m just here with the coffee, the extra pair of hands, eyes, camera, livestream. I know that democracy is sometimes inconvenient but always worth it, and I’m heartbroken by the American flag still hanging in the park where Occupy Oakland had been last night – it looks lonely and forgotten.  I do support medics be they army medics in Iraq, street medics in Oakland or backpack medics in Burma, I think people who risk themselves to heal others are amazing human beings.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of my reading this weekend has been political in nature.  This article on “Poet Bashing Police” in the NYTimes opinion section was a stunning first hand account by a UC Berkeley faculty member who, not believing in accounts of police violence went to see for himself and was beaten by police.  I also found this beautiful piece by the woman who walked chancellor Katehi of UC Davis to her car through what I would call a gauntlet of the silent treatment.  She writes:

Why did I walk the Chancellor to her car?  Because I believe in the humanity of all persons.  Because I believe that people should be assisted when they are afraid.  Because I believe that in showing compassion we embrace a nonviolent way of life that emanates to those whom we refuse to see as enemies and in turn leads to the change that we all seek.

Power to the peaceful…

On the sexier side of things, I am very much inspired by Galiana’s Lingerie Bar, though for all the pretty Italian under things I own, I keep sleeping with boys who like me naked, filthy, and maybe in a bandana.  I can pretend I don’t get it, but the truth is I get it all too well.  Here’s to hoping my latest boy toy will at least humor my shoe fetish…

I’m also excited that Tom Allen of Edge of Vanilla shared this article about the makers of the CB-6000, I’m not super excited about the article itself (it’s not very in depth as Tom points out), but I do like that there’s more info just when I’m asking questions about chastity.  

Ooh, I haven’t seen new posts from Axe in a while, but this was sooo sweet.  I don’t want to ruin the ending, but yes, sometimes, that is so totally the right way to take care of someone…but only sometimes and only certain someones.

Hmm, I think that’s all I have to say to the world for now…time to curl up and get used to being alone in a way too big for one person apartment for the next few days.



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