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Another Random 7

I just found some old tags and fell into the rabbit hole of random things I had forgotten all about in the time since, well, 2007.  Apparently, way back when Maymay tagged me for a little meme which requires one to list 7 random facts.  My original 7 are here and I’m putting 7 new and random facts below.

  1. I like my coffee with cream, no sugar.
  2. I like my tea with sugar, no cream.
  3. I identify as a top even though I sometimes switch (See Newmahr’s work for why that’s a gendered tidbit).
  4. I keep a portrait of Martin Luther’s wife, Katharina Von Bora, on my desk despite having no other associations with Christianity.
  5. I still think of Cambridge’s Tory Row as “where the traitors used to live” because that’s what happens when you watch reenactments of the battle of Lexington every year through high school.
  6. My favorite kinky toy of the month is police style zip tie disposable handcuffs.
  7. My favoritest sex toy of all time is the Lelo Ella.

And now, it’s officially bed time.

Written by kinkinexile

November 26, 2011 at 1:01 am

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