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orgasm control through trial and error part two

I am learning, interestingly though perhaps not surprisingly, that I don’t get off on not-orgasms.  Not-orgasms are a means to an end, but not sexy in and of themselves for me.  I get off on begging and want, and so I can see the benefit of denying orgasms for some period of time to create more want and spur more begging, but see, it’s just a tool.  I also get off on data.  It’s not that I want my partner to not masturbate, it’s that I want to know about each and every time he does.  I can’t tell you why, beyond the fact that it feels like trespassing on someone else’s private moments and that’s hot in an objectification kind of way.

…I’ll be in my bunk.

Written by kinkinexile

January 7, 2012 at 12:53 am

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  1. I’ve played with denial a bit and found that I am definitely a short-term denial fan, but really, about a week is the longest I want to go without him having an orgasm, and that is not every week.
    For me right now, having him on edge for a couple intense hours is way hotter than having him denied in general for a longer period of time. That may change, but it is the way it is for now.

    I like knowing about the masturbation too. My man isn’t a frequent masturbator but I too like knowing all about it. I like to make him tell me where he was, how he did it, how long it took, what he was thinking about, etc. Rawr


    January 7, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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