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Not quite yet morning

For reasons unknown I am awake at 5am, and catching up on blogs and tumblrs and so forth.  There was a little while in there, when I got back from my trip, when someone I cared about was hurting and I was hurting and unclear if that was empathy or my own pain, when it was too hard for me to read anything sexy or sexual.  And before that I was traveling and too busy to stay current, so now I’m catching up.  I’m reading sweet sexy things and thinking about phone calls and bedtime stories.

My brain keeps trying to go to practical matters or little disappointments like the way the bruises become few and far between over the course of a relationship, and how real life interferes.  And each time I bring it back to the sweet moments, lingering kisses, the way the word “ma’am” always makes me melt, as does “please.”  I’m thinking of the parallels as I train my brain into hopefulness without expectations and slip into daydream.

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January 29, 2012 at 5:33 am

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