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I got a search hit on my blog today for “how to perform a gyn exam on an orthodox jewish woman.”  Uh, first, how many pages of google search results do you go through before you get to my blog?

Despite the unlikely hit I decided to take a moment to answer this question.  First off, I am not a religious authority nor a medical professional.  If this is a serious concern you might want to talk to either or both of those.  That said, the same way you would perform a medically necessary exam on any other woman with special care and attention paid to modesty if possible.  Don’t be surprised if your patient, naked from the waist down, is quite concerned with keeping her hair covered for example, but don’t stop an emergency response to find a female EMT either.  Male doctors can and do touch orthodox Jewish women, again if it is medically necessary to do so.

While religious law surrounding Negiah (touch), Tzniut (modesty), and Niddah (menstruation or family purity) can be quite strict, I have always been taught to violate any law of Torah to save human life (with special laws regarding murder to prevent death or murder vs. suicide choices I no longer remember).  I suspect that most orthodox Jewish women will seek out female doctors, however in the event of an emergency, medical services can, and in fact must, be provided by the nearest available trained medical professionals.  For example, many Orthodox Jewish women in NY rely on an all male volunteer orthodox ambulance service, Hatzolah, for emergency labor and gynecological issues, though this has caused some controversy as well.

tl:dr version: If you have time, find a female OB-GYN, if it’s an emergency break all the Halakha you need to save human life.



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February 14, 2012 at 11:34 pm

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