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Product review: Blossom Organics Warm Sensation lube

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review, and this is perhaps a tame one to start with, but who doesn’t love lube?!

Lube is one of those things that I feel is pretty universally accepted as a sex aid, marital aid, masturbation aid and medical accessory, so I’m always curious about variations on the theme.  While I was familiar with Blossom Organics, I’d never actually tried their products before.  I had tried various “warming” gels, cremes, lotions and potions and was a huge fan of the added sensation especially outside of partnered intercourse.   I was excited about the Blossom Organics Warm Sensation version for two reasons: first it seemed sex safe (not for external use only) and second it came in a hygenic seeming squeeze tube rather than the little creme pots you have to stick your finger in that my last such product came in.

I made one mistake though, and that was to read other people’s product reviews before I had the chance to try it…it seems this product has very different results depending, presumably, on one’s biological makeup. One reviewer on the Goodvibes blog called this product “way too strong,” causing me to delay trying it until after I’d completed some travel “just in case.”  Imagine my surprise then when I had no warming sensation.  No tingling, warming, buzzing…anything.   I tried a couple of times just to be sure, but concluded that the Blossom Organics Warm Sensation lube just didn’t work.  Or rather didn’t work as advertised.  It worked as a lube, didn’t cause any irritation (and I’m pretty sensitive) was viscus enough to get the job done, and long lasting enough to, well, let me get the job done, but had absolutely no added benefits what so ever.

Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to try this one out on your own lady bits to determine if it works for you.  I imagine that if it is too strong for some, and completely ineffective for me, somewhere there is the golden middle path.  Or if you’re just looking for a body friendly and earth friendly lube take a look at Blossom Organics full product line which is all made with natural, “female friendly,” ingredients.

I learned two cool things from this review though:

1) Personal lubricant was first introduced by KY in 1904 (for medical use).

2) Good Vibrations actually carries an entire selection of “ecorotic” toys and accessories which are environmentally friendly, animal product free, and of course, body safe.



Written by kinkinexile

May 27, 2012 at 12:54 am

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