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Toy review — Silicone One Touch Dolphin

I was having a hard time making up my mind about what I wanted, so I asked my boyfriend to pick a toy from He picked the vibrating One Touch Dolphin Cockring. This is an interesting premise that addresses the fact that most women do not orgasm from intercourse alone in a way that puts the focus back on intercourse — with a twist.

The dolphin has a couple of components to it. It is a stretchy silicon cockring (the part that goes on my boyfriend) and a squishy dolphin shaped thing that holds a small bullet vibrator (the part I’m excited about), and a little blue matching bullet vibe (which we’ll get to in a moment). On the whole I liked this toy. The dolphin felt nice. I like the squishy material, pretty blue color, and downright cuteness of it. The cockring did its job allowing hands-free clitoral stimulation during intercourse. In fact, I would be really enthusiastic about this toy if it wasn’t for the bullet it came with. The little vibrator just wasn’t up to the task. It burnt through it’s watch batteries too quickly, the switch was finicky and so on. We tried it, fussed over it, and then decided to replace it with a silver bullet vibrator I already owned. This worked great. The holder on the dolphin cockring part was stretchy enough to accommodate the slightly larger vibrator, and transfered vibration nicely. It also muffled the sound of the vibrator making it less distracting.

Short story — great cockring and vibrator accessory but the bullet it comes with didn’t do it for me.

There is a great selection of vibrators on the sex toy page, and you can check out the Silicone One Touch Dolphin.

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February 22, 2009 at 9:32 pm

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